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I specialize in Baked Goods, Pastries, Meal Planning and Healthy Food choices for Personal, Corporate or Weddings..
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Specializing in "Baked Goods", (bread, cakes, pastries), and I-Tal Caribbean food with more that 10 years of experience.
Only the fresh, organically sourced ingredients are used in all dishes for maximum flavour.
The I-Tal Caribbean diet has been associated with a healthier heart, longer lifespan and good weight management.
K.Smith Orgánica Cocina is a specialty catering company, offering baked goods, pastries, and a fusion of gourmet Caribbean foods and professional services to Edmonton, AB. We cater mostly to private events; however we can cater to any facility from receptions, to banquets, barbecues, weddings and celebrations. We take personal pride in all aspects of our business, striving to provide the finest in customer service, attention to detail and elegant visual presentations. We offer a variety of menus to help ensure your event’s success. All of our meals feature homemade foods from fresh seasonal ingredients. We are able to accommodate clients with dietary or cultural restrictions, vegetarian or ethnic food preferences upon request.

Culinary, Baking & Catering Offerings

Pastries are one of our specialties at K.Smith Orgánica Cocina.  Whether the pastries you are looking for is that
perfect mini Red Velvet cake, or Chocolate Cake, we have what you are looking for. 
We offer a variety and styles of pastries ranging from Indo-Trinidadian / Caribbean to pastries from Europe and America, including authentic Cheese Cakes.  We even have such hard to find specialties as Sweet Potato Pudding, & Guyanese Cheese Rolls.
A few of our pastry recipes have been passed down
from generation to generation and are a closely guarded secrete.  They have come to be know as some of the best quality examples of their kind in the city. 
Be sure to try out our “Best in the City”  Mini Red Velvet Cakes and Gluten Free Carrot Cakes.
Planning a wedding can be stressful!  We know.  Our goal, at K.Smith Orgánica Cocina , is to guide you through the cake portion of your wedding planning as smoothly as possible.  That is also why we have provided this need to know guide to let you know a little more about what to expect and what questions you will need to answer.
Step one is to look at our WEDDING CAKES GALLERY.  It is important to remember that these are NOT all the cakes that are available, only the few examples we put online.  We have more options to choose from.  We are also able to work from cake pictures or examples you may find online, in magazines or from designs drawn up by yourself. 
See the FAQ's for the Happy Couple:
Whether you want to celebrate a business milestone or a social event, holding a private event is a sure way to make it an occasion you'll remember long into the future.
At K.Smith Orgánica Cocina, our commitment to impeccable service and great value is what set us apart in all aspects of private event planning and hosting.
Although a small catering firm, our motto is "if we cannot do great things, we can do small things in a great way".
Our catering service comes in three packages. Basic, Standard, and Premium Packages.
See Catering Packages for more detail.
At K.Smith Orgánica Cocina our cooking style is a combination of three unique flavours into a culinary adventure for every palate. With a creative blend of Caribbean, Latin American and Asian cuisine, K.Smith Orgánica Cocina Fusion style takes fine-dining to a whole new level.
Let the food melt in your mouth!

(A sampling of what we can do.....)

  1. Curry Chicken
    Curry Chicken
    Curry Chicken simmered with potatoes, scallions, and ginger is a Carribean version of curry chicken the family will love.
  2. Jamaican Curry Chicken Patty
    Jamaican Curry Chicken Patty
    Jamaican Style Curry Chicken Patties are filled with chicken meat seasoned with a blend of spices and fused with curry enclosed in a light yellow, flaky, pastry crust.
  3. Pumpkin Chicken or Shrimp
    Pumpkin Chicken or Shrimp
    A flavorful Guyanese dish cooked with fresh Caribbean pumpkin can chicken breast, seasoned with garlic, pepper, thyme, green onion and few other spices.
    A traditional Caribbean soup cooked in most household on a Saturday. A flavorful soup made with fresh Caribbean pumpkin,thyme, spices, garlic, chicken and Scotch Bonnet Pepper to give it a tangy taste.
  5. Paratha Roti
    Paratha Roti
    Paratha roti, sometimes called "oil" roti, is generally made with five ingredients, flour, salt, water, baking powder, and oil (or some other type of fat). The oil is incorporated into the dough, rolled thinly, and then cooked on a cast iron skillet. Since this bread is popular in Caribbean cuisine, there are many different ways to make it.
  6. Chick Peas - Channa
    Chick Peas - Channa
    Vegetarian Dish, Channa is a popular snack in Guyanese and Trinidadian cuisine.
  7. Brown Stew Fish
    Brown Stew Fish
    A savory Red Snapper dish that has a slightly sweet/tangy flavor that goes really well with the snapper, with a side of rice of peas and rice to complete the meal.
  8. Jerk Chicken
    Jerk Chicken
    A spicy, smoky, uniquely Jamaican dish that's a must try for any event.
Celebrating the cuisine of the sun and sea, K.Smith Orgánica Cocina takes diners to the Far-East and the Caribbean islands without leaving the country.
At K.Smith Orgánica Cocina we are food lovers, who lives to cook, bake, eat and explore new foods.  Catering By K.Smith Orgánica Cocina is fully licensed, insured and all food is prepared in our fully operational commercial kitchen.
Our menu is a fusion of Caribbean, Asian and Latin America flavors inspired by flavor combinations I was brought up with. I tweaked and refined dishes I remember as a child, especially the rustic fair that I grew up eating.

 Keisha Smith
Pastry Chef, Baker, Cook & Mother.

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Producing high quality, fresh, organic Caribbean dishes since 2000.